Konference Psychologická diagnostika dětí a dospívajících

Výzkum, prevence a školní poradenství    |    - 2011    |    Fakulta sociálních studií MU, Brno

About conference

The Conference Psychological Assessment of Children and Youth: Research, Prevention and School Counselling.

06. 29. – 07.1. 2011 at Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic

The conference aims to bring actual information regarding proper, ethical and efficient use of psychodiagnostic services and tools to public and professional institutions (particularly in the field of education). Contributions from psychological research and practice, which can be classified into the following headings and sections, are welcome.

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Important dates


Invited speakers

Dr. Nancy Mather (Professor – Department of Special Education, Rehabilitation, and School of Psychology, University of Arizona, Tucson) – How Cognitive Abilities Relate to School Achievement vi­deo

Dr. Michael Gerner (President / CEO at Consulting Psychologists, Arizona) – Differentiating Between Autism, Learning Disability, and Intellectual Disability video

Dr. A. Furman (Woodcock-Muñoz Foundation, Project Coordinator, International Edition) – Increasing Utility of Psychological Assessment: Collaborative Model of School Psychology video

Dr. A. T. Vazsonyi (Professor – Department of Human Development and Family Studies, Auburn University – Myths and Realities of Adolescent Problem Behaviors: What we know and what we can do about it video

Lectures, presentations, panel discussions and posters

Main topics

Psychological Diagnostics

In this conference section the experiences with application of model review EFPA for the description and evaluation of psychological tests will be presented. We expect contributions regarding the current state of Czech psychological assessment and testing. Chairs of this conference section are doc. T. Urbánek (PSU Academy of Sciences in Brno, the Working Group on tests and testing in ČMPS) and Dr. J. Širůček (IVDMR Faculty of Social Studies, Working Group on tests and testing in ČMPS).

Ethical Issues of Psychological Diagnostics

This section will focus on (un)intended consequences of improper use of diagnostic tools and interpretation of obtained results from the perspective of ethical codex of professional associations at home and abroad. The chair of this section is prof. J. Mareš (Medical Faculty in Hradec Kralove)

School Psychology Issues and Diagnostics

Special Pedagogy Diagnostics

These two sections will gather contributions on the diagnostics in the school environment from a broader perspective. The chairs are Dr. J. Zapletalova (IPPP CR) and prof. S. Štech (Charles University). The basis for discussion in these sections are the recent changes in legislation on special pedagogy services. Furthermore the section will focus on defining the population of students attending special schools (primary school) as well as on issues of psychological assessment of mental retardation and other types of exceptionalities which require a special approach in education.

Diagnostics and Research in Developmental Psychology

This section will include findings from a long-term longitudinal study on children and their families (ELSPAC) and from other research on personality development and identity formation, development of at-risk populations, issues of gifted children as well as the influence of ICT. The chairs of this section are prof. P. Macek and doc. S. Portešová (IVDMR FSS MU).

Prevention and Diagnostics

In this section the latest results from research and prevention programs implemented on the Czech population of students by the Section for Primary Prevention, Centre of Addictiology, will be presented. The chair of this section is doc. M. Miovský (Centre of Addictology, Charles University).


Publications (collection of abstracts, collection of conference papers), conclusions of discussions, suggestions of professional associations and organizations participating in the conference.

Contact and further information

E-mail konferencePD2011@fss.muni.cz

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